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How it works

MyMotion home app

Pain free movement

Pain-free movement is a desirable commodity, with every other person suffering in pain from a bio-mechanical challenge whether an active athlete, a desk-bound office worker or a sedentary individual.


In fact every human being has a challenge that could be adjusted to help them perform better and gain better well-being regardless of size, age, or geographical location!

Every person's challenge is individual to them. Many having sought expensive medical advice to no prevail, medical operations that still cause pain and restricted movement, with many people simply putting up with the challenges and confiding in old age.

The MyMotion method is a disruptive healthcare technology that challenges existing principles of motion and pain with proven success.

Through the discovery of a unique "Human Code", MyMotion has

unlocked the power of pain-free motion leading to increased performance

and well-being.

Not only does the human code have the power to change peoples

movement, in many it can have an immediate effect. 

MyMotion is truly rethinking and shaping the future of home

healthcare and well-being.  

MyMotion is an industry-leading platform for the capture, analysis, activation and reporting of human bio-mechanics. Featuring lightweight, portable, high-accuracy wearable inertial sensors called "MyHalo", for integration with the MyMoiton App and dashboard platform powering the future of motion innovation.


MyMotion home app
MyMotion dashboard
MyMotion home sensors


The MyMotion home app provides a user interface that will assess your movement and recommend 3 exercises for the week.


The MyMotion dashboard provides

a secure login to manage your subscription account and upgrade to other motion packages.

Motion pack

Upgrade to enhance your performance in the things you enjoy in life and follow the Mymotion journey!

MyMotion home sensors

Meet MyHalo

Attractive, desirable, and easy to use, MyMotion wearable with a long, all-day battery life to keep you servicing your clients without interruption.

Ready set go

-Your pack includes:

-1 MyHalo sensor

-Charging case and a cable

-MyMotion app and dashboard 

-Online tutorials

-Offers to upgrade packs and merchandising

-Discounted check-in with a MyMotion specialist

Need more information? Click the link below and one of our product specialists will be in touch. 

MyMotion sensor packaging


MyMotion sensor connect
MyMotion home sensors


Use the MyHalo sensor as a standalone device for your, complex motion-tracking data. The MyHalo comes with a slimline charging case for up to 5 sensors, which also keeps them protected when not in use.


It’s a standard and easy-to-use protocol. Most devices like mobile phones, tablets, and laptops can connect to MyHalo sensors via Bluetooth with low energy consumption.


Small enough that you won’t feel it on your body during your exercise, it doesn’t interfere with anything during motion screenings, exercises,  walking, running or research.


MyHalo Sensing components

3 axis

3-axis gyroscope: Standard full range: ±2000 deg/s

3-axis accelerometer: Standard full range: ±16 g

3-axis magnetometer: Standard full range: ±8 Gauss

System specifications

Mechanical and communication

IP-rating: IP68

Dimensions: 36.3 × 30.35 × 10.8 mm

Weight: 11.2 g

Battery: 70 mAh – Up to 8 hours in continuous use

Bluetooth: 5.0 or above

System specifications

SDK and output rate

Supported OS:Android OS 8.0 or above, ARMv8 CPU architecture; iOS 11.0 or above; Windows 10 or above; Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, or 22.04 LTS 64-bit Linux

Real-time streaming mode: up to 60 Hz

Recording mode: up to 120 Hz

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