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How it works

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The methodology

As people age and become more sedentary or after an injury at any age, the brain as a protector starts to question our movement.


For example should I take a taxi rather than walk, should I grab this hand rail, should I take the lift instead of the stairs?, we have all been there!

The brain plays safe when it experiences compromise in the body and pain is a factor in this protection mechanism.

As pain is pushed to areas of the body,  the body takes on a protective motion stance. For example a limp to protect an ankle injury. This also includes drawing out pain in other areas of the body as the body core becomes unstable through the limp, for example back ache. 

What happens is the body symmetry and natural balance is further compromised through the brain's protection mechanism. 

Where there is pain, the brain often has a great ability to correct and manage the primary area of actual pain, for example the ankle, but has a poor ability to correct secondary balance challenges caused as a bi-product of the primary pain, as it does not see "balance compromise" as a corrective pain.  It gets confused, stuck in a continuous loop and therefore causes ongoing body pain in areas where there was never an injury or pain instruction.

For example back or neck pain which appears in every other person, which may last for years is a typical challenge when probably there is actually no injury there and is a simple misbalance issue.

Often operations are suggested as a solution and do not work, manipulation is suggested in the area of plain and misdiagnosis and medication is diagnosed due to the unknown causes and effects of the pain.

MyMotion has the solution. They have discovered and developed a unique human code that decodes a body's motion by doing a simple body screening to form a unique "digital signature" which is individual to that human being at that moment in time.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), three exercises are prescribed based on the individual's digital signature.

These three exercises when conducted over a three-minute period sending a signal to the brain to question it's daily compromise and if there really is primary pain or a secondary balance issue.

Within an instant, the brain will offer a release to the body from the exercises provided by AI, which may be an immediate removal of pain and increase in motion for fast responders, and for medium responders, this may take up to 7 weeks.


However, what we can guarantee is an immediate difference in balance on all clients without any physical intervention of the body.

Of course, by maintaining good body conditioning through motion, the body will change it's human code and digital signature daily, which is healthy, however, it will always require a re-balance for pain-free living and better life performance. 

MyMotion is the only bio-mechanical code and solution world-wide, and has been used on Elite professional athletes for over 20 years. 

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Step 1

Attach the sensor

Attach the MyMoton sensor to the lower back using the stick on adhesive provided as part of the subscription process.



Using either the "for business" or "for home" app, valuable information generated by the sensor provides bio-mechanical feedback of the client that is then encoded to a unique digital signature. This signature is then synthesised using the MyMoiotn AI engine and the MyMotion "human code" ,  in order to supply the best 3 personal exercises for that individual.

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Step 2

Fitness Exercise

Step 3


3 exercises are provided to the client, with a one-week check-in that will remove pain and increase performance.

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